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IDS Stream X vehicle-towed Ground Penetrating Radar for extensive 3D mapping of buried structures and geologic features.

Technical data

Accesory equipment

Survey Equipment TOPCON GR5 for high precision Topographies at archaeological sites or study areas. Attached to the GPR, it allows to reference the exact path of the sensor.

Involved equipment

  • Departamento de Ciencias y Técnicas Historiográficas y Arqueología
  • Departamento de Geodinámica
  • Departamento de Historia Antigua
  • Departamento de Historia de América II.
  • Departamento de Prehistoria
  • Departamento y Laboratorio de Prehistoria
  • Dpto. Física de la tierra I: geofísica y meteorología
  • Facultad de Geografía e Historia
Action data

Need and description of the action

The multichannel GPR allows to develop a geophysical survey of large surface areas in a short time. Application in Archaeology allows to identify subsurface archaeological evidence without altering the deposits. It is important to keep in mind that archaeological remains are finite and no renewable. This makes it an essential tool for Preventive Archaeology, providing knowledge and economic savings. The versatility of this tool multiplies its applications in other areas, such as Geology or Civil Engineering.


Providing greater efficiency and competitiveness to archaeological/Geological/Civil Engineering projects developed by UCM, at a national and international level, as well as other institutions, projects and external companies on request.

Expected impact

The availability of multichannel GPR greatly expands utilities, because this resource is highly demanded by companies that address large infrastructure works, involving archaeological impact, being a highly efficient technology to save time and economic investment.




Diponible  Available

Person in charge

Teresa Chapa


C.A.I. de Arqueometría y Análisis Arqueológico.
Facultad de Geografía e Historia, UCM

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Ministry of Education, Culture & Sports CEI Campus of International Excellence Ministry of Economy & Competitiveness
Funded project by the Ministry of Education, Culture & Sports, and the Ministry of Economy & Competitiveness within the framework of the Campus of International Excellence
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