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Organized by the Materials for the Future Cluster of the Campus Moncloa, MaterialWeek includes different types of events: meetings, discussions, presentations of research and business lines, a Workshop on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, demonstrations, workshops, visits, open days, specialized photography contests, innovation, video, talent show... These activities are aimed at students, businesses, researchers and teachers in relation to the field of materials.

Microbiological Identification based on MALDI Biotyper Mass Spectrometry Conference

The main aim of the Meeting is to present the Bruker MALDI technology optimized for the identification of microbial species, bacteria, fungi and yeasts by the MALDI-TOF technology. This approach allows rapid and almost unequivocally identification, compared with other conventional techniques being a fully implemented benchmark in the clinical setting. In this case, the Meeting will be focused on veterinary and food safety applications which represents an important development offering significant advantages.

Talent Incorporation to a Business Environment Meeting

Campus Moncloa organizes Talent Incorporation to a Business Environment Meeting: new calls for hiring aids with major technology platforms in the area of agri-food and health, promoted by the Agri-Food and Health Cluster and VET+I technology platform in Animal Health.

Epidemiological surveillance of Clostridium difficile in human and animal health

Clostridium difficile is an ubiquitous Grampositive anaerobic bacterium which in recent years has been recognised as an emerging pathogen of humans and a diversity of animal species.

International Congress of University Museums

Many universities have a rich historic, artistic, scientific and technical heritage which shows their diverse academic and research activity. The importance of this cultural heritage has led to the foundation of numerous university museums and collections. These institutions were created with the aim to preserve and make accessible objects, specimens and artefacts of enormous value. International Organizations such as ICOM-UMAC (University Museums and Collections) and UNIVERSEUM (European Academic Heritage Network), have worked to raise awareness of the importance of university heritage and to implement new management methods and promotional approaches.

Innovation Meeting

The Innovation Meeting of the Campus Moncloa will be the forum, where the Campus Moncloa will present the abilities, solutions and next generation services in R & D & I subject to offer companies and technology of R & D, at the same time that they show an updated view of the technological challenges and needs that characterize their area of activity. Ultimately, the goal of the Meetings is to constitute the dialogue forum of the pillars of the R & D in Spain.

Scientific Meetings

The main objective of these scientific meetings is to present the guidelines of the campus in R & D TO the scientific and academic community, and to the society, and at the same time to disseminate the hot topics in research on the thematic areas of the six clusters. For this purpose, in the plenary sessiones keynote lectures will be presented by internationally renowned researchers. Each cluster organizes also specialized sessions with the aim of strengthening existing partnerships, and to seek new synergies between different research groups from both universities and aggregated institutions.

PICATA Meetings

It aims to open up a dialogue between the beneficiaries of the PICATA Programme(predoctoral fellowships, directors of theses, PhD Doctors, supervisors), the coordinators of the Cluster, the corresponding advisory committees and the Executive Committee CIE Campus Moncloa.


Seminar: Lexical-semantic study of the specialized speech in English and Spanish: practical applications


Seminar: Lexical-semantic study of the specialized speech in English and Spanish: practical applications

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Opening ceremony of the Master in Disaster Management


Wildfire: the disaster of a country in flames

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CES EduPack Workshop


One day course on CES EduPack

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