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To project and transfer to society the knowledge, capabilities and results generated, so that they may be transformed into a source of progress, and thus develop the so-called ‘third mission’ of the university.

The specific Objectives contemplated in this section are to:

  • Increase the number of joint and collaborative projects.
  • Increase the number of intellectual property and industrial patents registered.
  • Increase the number of technology licence contracts.
  • Promote the creation of new companies.
  • Diversify funding sources.

To ensure the most efficient Knowledge Transfer of the results obtained from research carried out in the CEI Moncloa Clusters. This will take full joint advantage of the experience, tools and channels for the transfer of research results which the UCM and UPM Offices for Research Knowledge Transfer (OTRI) have been engaged in since their creation in 1989, to encourage the protection of results and especially the use of the Patents obtained by the clusters.

UCM Research & Knowledge Transfer Office. UCM
UPM Research & Knowledge Transfer Office. UPM


CES EduPack Workshop


Curso práctico de CES EduPack

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Videogames against malaria: learn through playing A Malaria "Candy Crush" to research new diagnostic tools involving citizen participation.


Un “Candy Crush” contra la malaria ayuda a investigar nuevos métodos de diagnóstico con la participación ciudadana. El nuevo juego se lanza el día mundial de la malaria, 25 de abril, con una competición educativa en la que participan miles de escolares.

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Design of new materials through the auto- assembly colloidal anisotropic particles


Seminarios Internacionales de Fronteras de la Ciencia de los Materiales UPM- CEI: Diseño de nuevos materiales mediante el auto- ensamblado de partículas coloidales anisótropas

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