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Campus Moncloa

Clínico San Carlos Hospital
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Odontology
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Physics

Faculty of Architecture
Sports Complex
E.T.S.I. Montes

Faculty of Naval Engineering
Pavilion of Government

America Museum
Faculty of Law
Student Dormitory St. Thomas Aquinas

Brazil House
E.T.S.I. Telecommunication
Library of Law

Student Dormitory St. Agustin
E.T.S.I. Road, Canal and Ports
Hispanic Cultural Library

Student Dormitory Nuestra Señora de Luján
Faculty of Geological Sciences
Institute of Spanisch Historical Heritage

Student Dormitory Cesar Carlos
National Center for Metallurgical Research. CENIM
Student Dormitory Siao Sin

Costume Museum
Library of humanities
Faculty of Pharmacy. Expansion

Biological Faculty
North Sports Complex
E.T.S.I. Aeronautical

E.T.S.I. Agronomic
Student Dormitory Miguel Antonio Caro
E.T.S.A. Architecture

Student Dormitory Ximénez de Cisneros
Student Dormitory St. Teresa de Jesús
Student Dormitory Diego de Covarrubias

Student Services Building
E.T.S.I. Aeronautic
Faculty of Fine Arts

Faculty of Education
Faculty of Computer Science
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Clinical Hospital
VISAVET Health Surveillance Centre
E.U.I.T. Forest

Jimenez Diaz foundation
Student Dormitory Antonio de Nebrija
UCM Chancellery

Faculty of the quemical science
Faculty of mathematics
Mutlti-purpose Building

Faculty of Information Science
Complutense Avenue
Complutense Avenue

Complutense Avenue
Complutense Avenue
Complutense Avenue

Ramon&cajal square university city
Complutense Avenue
Ramon&Cajal square. Campus Moncloa

Ramon&Cajal square. Campus Moncloa
Ramon&Cajal square. Campus Moncloa
Square of scientific faculty

State metereological agency
Agricultural engineering
Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological research. CIEMAT

Plate sun energy of Universidad Politécnica
Aereal view of CEI Campus Moncloa
Aereal View of CEI Campus Moncloa

North Sports Complex
Main hall of the Faculty of Philosophy
External view of the Multi-purpose building

CEI Campus Moncloa Office
Entomological Sessions
Radio Nacional

tercer trimestre
An apple magnetic resonance imaging
International symposium

Vision films of Europe
cow and calf of Avileña-Negra Ibérica breed. Credits: Asociación española raza avileña negra ibérica

Theory and practise of the city. 2th Ideas that cross the Atlantic

Open call
Estudiantes feria



Imagen cerebral en la que aparecen coloreadas la amígdala (azul) y el hipocampo (amarillo). / Stephan Moratti.
Paciente llevando el equipo de monitorización ambulatoria no invasivo

Aspergillus giganteus produces ribotoxins that can be used with beneficial effects

  • 01/12/2009
  • Centres, facilities and places of Campus Moncloa
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