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Contract call of technical support staff for scientific infrastructures of the CIE Campus Moncloa. 2013

2nd phase. Submission of applications

Objetive: The purpose of this call is to award up to 20 grants of a maximum duration of two years for hiring technical staff to support scientific infrastructure of the Campus of International Excellence Campus Moncloa, in order to increase and improve features and performance in the International Programme for Attracting Talent (PICATA).

Solicitantes: Those interested in participating in the selection process will formalize your request through online application and in compliance with the procedure described in the regulatory bases.

Applications: The application must be completed and sent using the web application available on this page. Applications will be accepted from November 14, 2013 to November 20, 2013 (17:00).

The application form generated by the web application must be presented in one of the two following locations:

Registro General de la Universidad Complutense (UCM)
Avda. de Séneca, 2, planta baja
28040 Madrid

Registro General de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)
Rectorado A
C/ Ramiro de Maeztu nº 7
28040 Madrid

or in the manner provided in art. 38.4 of Law 30/1992 , of 26 November , on the Legal Regime of Public Administrations and the Common Administrative Procedure , until the day November 21, 2013.


Final grant resolution. Renewals (23/11/2015, Spanish text)
Final grant resolution (18/12/2013, Spanish text)
Grant proposal (10/12/2013, Spanish text)
Final list of accepted and excluded (4/12/2013, Spanish text)
Provisonal list of accepted and excluded (25/11/2013, Spanish text)
Call (Spanish text)
Annexes (Spanish text)
CV template (Spanish text)

Code Infrastructure Offers
PICATA-TecA-01 Combined Scanning Electron Microscopy – Cathodoluminescence System (SEM-CL) 1
PICATA-TecA-02 Laboratorio de Neurociencia Cognitiva y Computacional (UPM-UCM). Magnetoencefalografía 1
PICATA-TecA-03 CAI Cartografía Cerebral. Laboratorio de Imagen microPET 1
PICATA-TecA-04 Plataforma integrada de identificación de microorganismos, histología molecular y proteómica mediante tecnología MALDI TOF/TOF 1
PICATA-TecA-05 Centro de Citometría y Microscopía de Fluorescencia UCM 1
PICATA-TecA-06 Centro Nacional de Microscopía Electrónica 1
PICATA-TecA-07 Laboratorio interdepartamental para la evaluación de técnicas y procesos de mejora de la seguridad, salubridad y calidad de alimentos de origen animal 1
PICATA-TecA-08 Sala Blanca del CAI de técnicas físicas: equipos de micrograbación láseranzada (LICA) 1
PICATA-TecA-09 Gran infraestructura de visualización 3D e interacción multimodal avanzada en el Living Lab 1
PICATA-TecA-10 Equipo de fluorescencia de Rayos X de energía dispersiva 1
PICATA-TecA-11 Taller de propiedades mecánicas: durabilidad y sostenibilidad de materiales 1
PICATA-TecA-12 Plataforma de ensayos nano y micro mecánicos para microscopio electrónico de barrido por emisión de campo de muy alta resolución 1
PICATA-TecA-13 CAI de Láseres Ultrarrápidos 1
PICATA-TecA-14 CAI de Arqueometría y Análisis Arqueológico 1
PICATA-TecA-15 Escuela Internacional de Enfermedades Animales Comunicables 1
PICATA-TecA-17 Centro Internacional de Estudios sobre el Patrimonio Cultural (CIESPC) del Campus Moncloa 1
PICATA-TecA-18 Laboratorio de Investigación en Materiales de Interés Tecnológico (LIMIT) 1
PICATA-TecA-19 CAI de Técnicas Geológicas 1
PICATA-TecA-20 Instituto Universitario de Investigación del Automóvil (INSIA) Laboratorio de Seguridad Pasiva 1

1st phase. Presentation of interest expressions

Invitation to submit expressions of interest for the programme of contracting of technical support staff for scientific infrastructures of the Campus of International Excellence Campus Moncloa within the International Programme for Attracting Talent (PICATA). This programme is co-funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports through the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Goal: to define the needs of technical support staff for scientific infrastructures and the possibilities of co-funding in order to increase and enhance the features and performance of scientific equipments by the budget of the CIE Moncloa Campus as well as the professional profiles of this technical staff. It will take into consideration the complexity of the equipments that will be used and the functions and tasks assigned to them.

Applications: the deadline to receive the expressions of interest is July 7. The applications will include three documents: (a) a signed letter of the expression of interested addressed to the Executive Committee of the Moncloa Campus, justifying the need to find a technician, signed by the responsible researcher and with the approval of the Director of department o centre where the infrastructure is installed; (b) Questionnaire to describe the contract of the support technician (attachment I); (c) the commitment of co-funding of at least 50% of the cost of the contract (attachment II).

All expressions of interest must be submitted to the General Register Offices of the UCM or the UPM, addressed to the Executive Committee of the Moncloa Campus. CIE Moncloa Campus office. Royal Botanic Gardens Building, Alfonso XIII. Avenue Complutense, s/n 28040 Madrid, until July 7 of 2013. The expressions of interests received after the deadline will be rejected.


Annex I (Spanish text)
Annex II (Spanish text)

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