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Applied Vision

Líneas de investigación

Main research lines

  • Night vision and glare
    Objetives: To investigate night vision problems and glare with aging and eye disease.
  • Visual function and macular pigment optical density
    Objetives: To investigate the relationship between the visual function and macular pigment optical density
  • Vision and reading difficulties
    Objetives: To investigate the relationship between vision and reading difficulties in school children to the search for possible treatments.
  • Visual tests in clinical optometry
    Objetives: Evaluation of clinical visual tests for optometry
  • Visual function and refractive surgery
    Objetives: To investigate the effects of refractive surgery on visual function
  • Visual dysfunction and diabetes
    Objetives: To determine the changes in visual function and retinal structures in type 2 diabetic eyes without retinopathy


Group imagen
María Cinta Puell

UCM reference: 911302


Mesopic Vision.


Macular pigment.

Reading difficulties.

Contrast sensitivity.


Contact lenses.

Binocular vision.


Dark adaptation.

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