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Architecture and Technology of Computer Systems

Facultad de Informática
Universidad Complutense de Madrid


Line 1a: Power efficiency and thermal dissipation in data centers have emerged as some of the major concerns in the modern society (what it is known as "Green Computing"). In this area, it is mandatory to evaluate and provide policies and techniques that are able of diminishing the power consumption of the computational devices, and can create an optimal thermal profile that reduces the cost of complex cooling mechanisms. The contribution of ArTeCS-UCM to the Green Computing line of CEI Moncloa, in cooperation with UPM (LSI Lab) is the development of compiler-based and OS-based techniques for the power and thermal optimization in heterogeneous multi/many-processor architectures. This work considers real platforms as those found in current data centers.

Line 4c: Wireless Body Sensor Netwoks (WBSNs) are a key technology for future personalized healthcare,
where a patient can be monitored for long periods of time. Thus, the contribution of ArTeCS-UCM to the p-health line of CEI Moncloa, in cooperation with UPM (Physical Exercise Lab-INEF), is the development of ultra-lowpower nodes and algorithms for WBSNs to sense vital human signs (electrocardiogram or electroencephalogram) and communicate them to smartphones. This technology is being tested in the PRONAF Spanish national research project (DEP2008-06354-C04-01), www.pronaf.es, by evaluating the results of combined physical training programs with diet control to treat human obesity.

  • i-Health Innovative Medicine priority lines
  • p-Health (personalized health)

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  • Sustainable Technology and New Energies




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Román Hermida Correa
Francisco Tirado Fernández

UCM reference: 910467


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