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Semiconductor Devices Group

Líneas de investigación

Main research lines

  • Components for optical communications, quantum computing, and lighting (A. Hierro, A. de Guzmán, E. Calleja, M.A. Sánchez)
    Objetives: LEDs/LDs/Photodetectors for optical communications at 1.3 and 1.55 um with arsenide/dilute nitride QWs and QDs. Devices grown on substrates with non-conventional orientations (GaAs(111)). UV LED emitters incorporating QWells and QDots based on III-Nitrides. Phosphor-free white light nanoLED arrays based on III-Nitrides. Micro and Nanocavities based on III-Nitrides for quantum computing. http://www.isom.upm.es/eng/comunicaciones_opticas.php
  • Electronic devices and microystems for communications (E. Muñoz, F. Calle)
    Objetives: AlGaN/GaN HEMTs for microwave applications (X-and L-Band). Manufacturing technology. Transport properties, piezoelectric effects, reliability. Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) RF devices. MEMS y NEMS: nanoresonators, RF-switches. High temperature device perfomance and applications. Graphene devices. http://www.isom.upm.es/eng/microsistemas_comunicaciones.php
  • Infrared photo-detection systems (A. de Guzmán, A. Hierro, E. Calleja, M.A. Sánchez)
    Objetives: High sensitivity, multispectral response detectors. AlGaAs/InGaAs quantum well and dot (QWIP's) technology. Multispectral integration. Associated electronics. Environmental related IR detection. InN QWs for photodection at 1.5 um. Nanocolumnar intersub-band IR photodetectors. http://www.isom.upm.es/eng/fotodeteccion_ir.php
  • Group of simulation of non-metalic materials (Manuel Laso)
    Objetives: Non-metalic materials and complex fluid simulation. Molecular dynamics methodology and advanced Monte Carlo techniques. Adsorption and nanostructured materials. http://www.isom.upm.es/eng/simulacion_materiales.php "Single-molecule" sensors for biomolecules (proteins, toxins). Jammed structures and glassy materials.
  • UV photo-detection systems (E. Muñoz, A. Hierro, F. Calle)
    Objetives: UV solar radiation monitoring and imaging systems based on wide bandgap semiconductors (GaN and ZnO). http://www.isom.upm.es/eng/fotodeteccion_uv.php Applications of UV detectors in astrophysics, fire detection, combustion control, and environment and water contaminant. VIS and UV photo detectors for integrated biosensors and fluorescence systems.
  • Graphene electronic devices (J.Martínez, J. Pedrós, F. Calle)
    Objetives: ISOM GRAPHENE GROUP http://www.isomgraphene.es/
  • Integrated Optical micro and nanosystems (C. Angulo Barrios)
    Objetives: Optical biosensors integrated in a chip (Lab-on-a-chip). Integrated optical sensors based on novel materials. Ultra-high sensitivity nanomechanical optical sensors. http://www.isom.upm.es/eng/nanosistemas_opticos.php
  • Devices for energy conversion and photovoltaics (E. Calleja, E. Muñoz, F. Calle, M.A. Sánchez, A. Hierro)
    Objetives: High efficiency InGaN heterojunction (nano) Solar Cells grown by MBE. High Perfomance Organic-Nanorod Hybrid Photovoltaic Devices. Nitride-based HEMTs and switches for efficient energy power converters. MEMS and NEMS for energy harvesting based in nitrides and oxides. InAs/GaAsSb QDs and GaSb/GaAs QWs for tandem Solar Cells. http://www.isom.upm.es/eng/conversion_energetica.php



Fernando Calle Gómez


III-As semiconductors.

III-V Nitrides.



Semiconductor growth.

Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE).

Simulation of non-metallic materials.

Semiconductors Devices.

IR/VIS/UV photodetectors.

IR/VIS/UV light emitters.

Chemical sensors and biosensors.


HEM transistors.

SAW filters.




Microsystems and nanosystems.

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