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University Museums

Optics Complutense Museum

30/06/2014 (3 pics)

The collection consists of more than six hundred pieces, mostly optical instruments. Usually these are objects of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, there are also a sign of XVIII.

Museum of Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates UCM

02/07/2014 (6 pics)

The origins of MACV back to the late nineteenth century, when the Chair of Vertebrates (former Chair in Chordata) acquires a small and modest collection of naturalized specimens, bones, skulls, skeletons and anatomical preparations various suppliers to Central educational purposes.

Museum of Anatomy «Javier Puerta» UCM

02/07/2014 (6 pics)

The Museum of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine arises within the Royal College of Surgeons of San Carlos, created by Royal Charter in 1787 by Charles III, its first director Antonio Gimbernat as director of the Royal College and then Ignacio Lacaba under whose address most of the sculptures we

Museum of Medical and Forensic Anthropology, Paleopathology and Forensic «Profesor Reverte Coma» UCM

02/07/2014 (6 pics)

From courts, private collections, archaeological digs and several deposits, funds were collected, from the 80, its founder and first director, Dr. José Manuel Reverte.

Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology UCM

30/06/2014 (4 pics)

Las colecciones reúnen objetos vinculados con los ecosistemas y las culturas de América. Piezas de Arqueología, Etnología, Arte Popular, Materiales Osteológicos, Malacológicos y Medioambientales.

Museum of Astronomy and Geodesy UCM

30/06/2014 (4 pics)

The Museum of Astronomy and Geodesy of the Complutense University brings together a large collection of instruments of Astronomy, Geodesy and Topography of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Museum of Entomology UCM

01/07/2014 (2 pics)

The entomological collection of the Complutense University consists of more than four million copies.

Hispanic Pharmacy Museum UCM

02/07/2014 (6 pics)

Most of the funds are to pre-industrial pharmacy, so the bulk of the collection consists of storage containers or simple medicinal preparations and equipment related to the stage of development and administration of drugs.

Museum of Computing «García-Santesmases» UCM

01/07/2014 (4 pics)

The Museum of Computing García-Santesmases (MIGS) at UCM machines developed between 1950 and 1970 and since 1968 commercial computers were in use in the Computer Centre of this University and donated by departments, individuals and teams are set other entities.

Museum of Geology UCM

02/07/2014 (2 pics)

Remarkable specimens of minerals, rocks, fossils, geological ancient instruments and generally everything related with geological ciencas.

Museum of Dentistry «Luis de La Macorra» UCM

02/07/2014 (4 pics)

The practice of dentistry requires specific and advanced equipment that has evolved as the instrumental techniques have been developed. Dentistry is a medical discipline that introduced the use of instrumental earliest form.

Mining historical "Felipe de Borbon y Grecia" UPM

02/07/2014 (12 pics)

The School of Mines has a museum where an extensive collection of minerals and fossils from both the mainland and outside our borders, accompanied by a few pieces of archaeological interest, drawn from mineral deposits is preserved.

Laboratory Museum of the History of Education «Manuel Bartolomé Cossío» UCM

02/07/2014 (4 pics)

Presents several school textbooks and objects used in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in primary school and in the old centers of Teacher Training ("Normal Schools").

Pedagogical Museum of Children's Art UCM

02/07/2014 (4 pics)

Our funds are composed of artistic works (drawings, paintings, sculptures, models, photographs, short films) created by children and adolescents worldwide. These funds come mainly from private donations and educational activities in the MUPAI.

Teaching Textile Museum Complutense

02/07/2014 (4 pics)

Teaching Textile Collection, brings approximately 6000 pieces of textile nature, trousseau, apparel, toys, accessories and photographs. It is basically a collection of lace and embroidery was gathered in order to serve as an example of how these works were made.

Torres Quevedo Museum UPM

31/07/2014 (3 pics)

The School of Civil Engineering houses within a collection of machines and instruments belonging to the engineer Leonardo Torres Quevedo (1852-1936).

Veterinary Museum Complutense

02/07/2014 (3 pics)

The Complutense Veterinary Museum is endowed with a background about 3000 pieces.

Virtual Museum Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales UPM

31/07/2014 (30 pics)

Virtual Museum of Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales UPM

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