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Processing and properties of polymer matrix nanocomposites with carbon nanoparticles, including graphene

International Seminars of Frontiers in Materials Science UPM-CIE Moncloa


Title: Processing and properties of polymer matrix nanocomposites with carbon nanoparticles, including graphene

Date: Monday 10th February at 09:30

Place: E.T.S. Civil Engineering, basement 1

Speaker: José María Kenny

Free admission

This seminar is focused on the main processing approaches for polymer matrix nanocomposites with carbon nanoparticles (nanotubes, nanofibers, graphenes). After a brief review of available carbon nanoparticles, the presentation will focus on their functionalization to promote a better polymer-particle interaction. In particular, the different strategies developed in last years on the different types of graphene-based materials (graphene oxide and reduced graphene) will be reviewed. Then, the processing technologies required by the different type of polymer matrices (i.e. thermoplastics, thermosets) will be described. Finally, the recent applications of polymer matrix nanocomposites with nanocomposites, including their use as matrices of advanced composite materials and the modelling approaches will be reported including some bottom up approaches.

In all cases we will review the main processing approaches and also the main structural and functional properties characterizing these materials and their potential and current industrial applications. The presentation will end with a summary, recommendations and future perspective of this exiting and continuously growing research sector.

Further information and contact details:
Dr. José Ygnacio Pastor, Organizer and Coordinator Scientific
Department of Material Science. Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
E.T.S. Civil Engineering, First Floor. Profesor Aranguren Road, E28040–Madrid
T. (+34) 913 366 684. F. (+34) 913 366 680. jypastor@mater.upm.es

Tag: Materials for the Future    Source: CEI Campus Moncloa

Event date:

10/02/2014 - 10/02/2014

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