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The rectors of the Universidad Complutense and Politécnica de Madrid are committed to the continuity of ”œCampus of International Excellence”

The two universities share the Moncloa Campus which the largest project of university transformation of Spain


Rectors UCM & UPM

     The Rectors of the Complutense University of Madrid, Jose Carrillo, and the Technical University of Madrid, Javier Uceda, met today at the Moncloa Campus Advisory Board; they have stressed their commitment to the concept of "campus of international excellence" which started three years ago. The two bodies have highlighted the joint efforts undertaken by the Universidad Complutense and Politécnica to achieve complementary goals in order to form a campus of international excellence, Moncloa Campus, adapted to the future for generations to come.

The ”œcampus of international excellence" concept goes beyond a new way to obtain resources, since it is implicit in the task of transforming the university”™s philosophy in office teaching, research, innovation and transfer to society. The first joint degrees objectives achieved, shared by the two universities, the creation of a graduate school and the incorporation of public and private advisory bodies of Moncloa Campus, are clear signs of this transformation and allow Complutense and Technical University rectors to reassert the continuity of Moncloa Campus.

Within Moncloa Campus, the program PICATA (International Programme for Attracting Talent) has two areas of action. One form is intended for Doctors who must have a thesis co-direction of two institutions of the two universities or else of the Moncloa Campus. The other initiative, called "doctors program" is aimed at attracting international talent and opens the door to the return of researchers who have been developing their research work at least two years in international institutions. The Moncloa Campus appropriates 6 million euros to the Picata program.

Moreover, through a program CAIMON it appropiated 4 million euros to acquire cutting-edge scientific equipment, whose use is shared by groups of both universities and moreover, is open to the entire scientific community. Today”™s meeting of the Governing Council of Moncloa Campus also addressed aspects of the functioning of the International Graduate School, which will start next academic year 2012 - 2013, already disposing of location and budget.

Moncloa Campus is a framework agreement between the Complutense University of Madrid and the Technical University of Madrid and is based on the idea of sharing campus, physical and human resources for teaching and research with an international vision and aspiration for excellence. This activity has been structured into six clusters: Global Change and New Energies, Materials for the future, Agri-Food and Health, i-Health: Innovative Medicine, Heritage and Sustainable mobility.

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