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Ultrashort lasers and materials

International Seminars of Frontiers in Materials Science UPM-CIE Moncloa


Title: Ultrashort lasers and materials

Date: Monday 16th December at 09:30

Place: E.T.S. Civil Engineering, basement 1

Speaker: Rosa Weigand

Free admission


Since lasers were invented in 1960, they have been a radiation source which is able to produce and study new material processes.

Besides, ultrashort lasers which are currently developed allow us to research on femtosecond time scale (10-15 s) and at high intensity (1-100 GW/cm2).

Firstly, the seminar will focus on diverse processes that can be studied in materials on interaction with ultrashort lasers and also the used techniques of measure.

Secondly, it will be explained how some of these processes allow the development of techniques to characterize the laser field in amplitude and phase. Some examples will be given that include materials of current interest such as the graphene and nanostructures.

Further information and contact details:
Dr. José Ygnacio Pastor, Organizer and Coordinator Scientific
Department of Material Science. Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
E.T.S. Civil Engineering, First Floor. Profesor Aranguren Road, E28040–Madrid
T. (+34) 913 366 684. F. (+34) 913 366 680. jypastor@mater.upm.es

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