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MaterialsWeek 2014

April 28, 29 & 30, 2014
ETS de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos

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Where ideas live!

From cluster of Material for the Future of the International Excellence Moncloa Campus we want to promote our social presence and create synergies between teachers, researchers, students and companies within the field of Materials Science and Engineering. Through the several events that will take place during the MaterialsWeek we want to share with you the experiences, knowledge, technologies and ideas that contribute to the excellence of the Moncloa Campus members, and serve as a benefit to the Community.

For those visitors with special needs, we offer the possibility to contact us to make more pleasant time to share with us

Curious, schools and citizenship

Curiosity is the first step to doing Science. We want to arouse increasing curiosity for Science in Society, and especially between the youngest. For this we have many outreach initiatives, many of them very funny:

  • Workshop, the science debate with his players and journalists (activity entirely in English).
  • Visits to laboratories and research centers, learn from within our centers and what they do to be on the edge of the impossible.
  • Technology Exhibition, the latest news and developments in the world of materials .
  • Nanotechnology Tour, the future is already here, dare to find out!
  • Photography Exhibition, materials viewed from the macro and micro world.
  • Theatre, representation performed by university students.
  • Competitions, have fun and learn by attending competitions in which college students show their talents and abilities.

University Students

Our students are our future, both the Campus and the Society. Without them nothing that would make sense. They are the ones with their effort, their passion and innovative ideas have to take the torch relay. So we want to pay them special attention in all activities developed, but especially by:

Attendance at MaterialsWeek 2014 equals 3 credits for undergraduate students and 2 credits for undergraduate students enrolled at UCM and 1 credit for students enrolled at the UPM.
Do not forget to register as a student!


Businesses are for us an essential point of MaterialsWeek. We want to promote the straight contact between Researchers, Students, Teachers and the Companies, in such a way that they can build collaborative links among all. To this end we invite you to participate in three different ways:


Research is the economic engine of any modern economy, and to contribute to it we want to project the activity that we perform in the CEI- Moncloa Campus . All researchers inside and outside the campus are invited to show their latest developments, and proposals for the future. To promote the collaboration with the industrial sector we propose a multidisciplinary meeting forum called FECYTMAT (Business, Science and Technology of Materials Forum), wherein companies and researches can meet themselves and discuss new ideas and projects.

Do not miss the MaterialsWeek 2014 out!

Free registration

Jose M. González Calbet & Jose Ygnacio Pastor
Coordinators of the Cluster of Materials for the Future

Contact: materialsweek@campusmoncloa.es


School of Civil Engineering (ETS de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos)
c/ Profesor Aranguren, s/n
Ciudad Universitaria
28040 Madrid

Mapa de acceso

Metro   Metro: L6, Ciudad Universitaria

Autobus   Bus: Lines F & G, bus stop Calle Profesor Aranguren - Escuela de Caminos

Parking   Parking: Plaza Ramón y Cajal

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