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Estratigrafía y Paleontología del Precámbrico y Paleozoico Perigondwánico

Facultad de Ciencias Geológicas
Universidad Complutense de Madrid


Our group search on the Paleozoic from Northern Gondwana. Our main focus are the relationships between climatic changes and biodiversity variations. Consequently we have a large data base on the biodiversity variations from Cambrian to Permian and their relationships with environments variations during that period.

In addition, our research is focussed on the paleontological heritage. Most of the outcrops studied have been catalogued as sites of geological interest and some of them are included in Geoparks.

  • Global Change and New Energies priority lines
  • Observation of the System Earth and Space

  • Cultural Heritage priority lines
  • Architecture, Archaeology-Palaeontology Heritage




Group imagen
Sergio Rodríguez García

UCM reference: 910231



Geologic correlation.



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