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Estratigrafía y Paleontología del Precámbrico y Paleozoico Perigondwánico

Líneas de investigación

Main research lines

  • Identification and correlation of marine sediments and fossils from 300 to 800 m.y.
    Objetives: Our main objective is the development of a better understanding of the marine and terrestrial biodiversity and the ecosystems in the Paleozoic.
    Methodologies: Sedimentology, geochemistry, paleontology..
  • Climatic changes during the Paleozoic
    Objetives: Our research try to identify the variations in the biodiversity (mainly in marine communities) due to climatic changes.
    Methodologies: Sedimentology, geochemistry, paleontology..
  • Paleontologic Heritage
    Objetives: We are cataloguing paleontologic outcrops of taxonomical and paleoenvironmental interest.
    Methodologies: Sedimentology, geochemistry, paleontology..



Group imagen
Sergio Rodríguez García

UCM reference: 910231



Geologic correlation.



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