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Biologically relevant heterocycles


Books and Inbooks

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    Year: 2016       ISBN: 9781498734127
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    Year: 2015       ISBN: 978-1-118-67271-6
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    Year: 2011       ISBN: 978-88-86208-70-3
  • P. López-Alvarado, J. C. Menéndez, M. T. Ramos. Measurement of the pKa of phenols and its application to the determination of QSAR-related electronic parameters, en Practical Studies for Medicinal Chemistry Students. An Integrating Approach for Developing Countries (A. Monge, C. R. Ganellin, R. Cattana eds.), capítulo III.5, páginas 343-365. Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto, 2011 (Inbook)
    Year: 2011       ISBN: 978-950-665-570-9
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  • Ana I. Olives, M. Antonia Martín, Benito del Castillo "Técnicas analíticas luminiscentes y de separación aplicadas a la identificación y cuantificación de biomarcadores" en Fidel Ortega (Coordinador) "Biomarcadores: analítica y diagnóstico y terapéutica", Editorial Realigraf S. A., 2010 (Inbook)
    Year: 2010       ISBN: 978-84-937389-3-8



José Carlos Menéndez Ramos

UCM reference: 920234


Diversity-oriented synthesis for drug discovery.

Neuroprotecting agents.

Antitumor agents.

Antitubercular agents.


Drug nanocarriers.

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