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Biologically relevant heterocycles

Líneas de investigación

Main research lines

  • Neurodrugs
    Objetives: Discovery of new neuroprotecting agents
    Methodologies: Interference with prion and amiloid proteins.
  • Diversity-oriented synthesis in drug discovery
    Objetives: Development of new synthetic methodologies for the exploration of chemical and biological space, with the aim pf generating bioactive molecules
    Methodologies: Domino and multicomponent reactions.
  • Inhibitors of antitumor resistance
    Objetives: Discovery of new inhibitors of the P-170 glycoprotein, which is responsible for antitumor drug resistance through the MDR (Multi Drug Resistance) mechanism.
  • New antitubercular agents
    Objetives: Discovery of new compounds active against Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
  • New antitumour agents
    Objetives: Discovery of new compounds with anticancer activity and methods for their characterization and quantitation
  • Fluorescent sensors
    Objetives: Development of new compounds that allow the detection and quantitation of chemical species with diagnostic interest in biomedicine
  • Eco-compatible chemistry
    Objetives: Development of sustainable chemical processes for the synthesis and analysis of bioactive molecules
    Methodologies: Cromatografía eco-compatible.
  • New antiprotozoal agents
    Objetives: Design, synthesis and evaluation of new drugs agains parasitic diseases caused by protozoa, including malaria and leishmaniosis



José Carlos Menéndez Ramos

UCM reference: 920234


Diversity-oriented synthesis for drug discovery.

Neuroprotecting agents.

Antitumor agents.

Antitubercular agents.


Drug nanocarriers.

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