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Cognition, Emotion and Health

Facultad de Psicología
Universidad Complutense de Madrid


The “Cognition, Emotion and Health” research group can contribute its expertise in the investigation of stress and emotion using a psychological approach, in the following areas: measurement of variables involved in emotional processes and related to stress (using self-report, physiological responses and behavioural observation); analyses of the consequences of such processes (level of performance, physical health and mental health); analyses of cognitive factors (e.g., cognitive biases) that have an influence on emotion and behaviour; epidemiological investigation of the consequences of stress and negative emotion, assessment, treatment, as well as the risk factors involved.

  • i-Health Innovative Medicine priority lines
  • i-Maging (Medical imaging)
  • p-Health (personalized health)




Antonio Rafael Cano Vindel

UCM reference: 911607


Anxiety Disorders.



Primary Care.

Cognition and Emotion.

Anxiety and Stress.

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