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Economía y Sostenibilidad del Medio Natural

E.T.S.I. Montes
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


The need to protect the environment arises from its "scarcity" to supply the goods and services demanded by society. Economics is the science that provides optimum guides for the management of the "scarcity". Therefore, the economic logic is a powerful instrument for the management and protection of the environment.
The Research Group "Economics for a Sustainable Environment" aims to continue the interdisciplinary work started by their members some years ago. Through a synthesis of analytical categories of ecological and economical nature, they have developed and applied operational methods for a sustainable environmental management.
This Research Group was officially recognized by the Technical University of Madrid ("Universidad Politécnica de Madrid", UPM) in the first call of Research Groups in November of 2004.

  • Global Change and New Energies priority lines
  • Biodiversity study and conservation
  • Socio-economic dimensions of global change




Luis Díaz Balteiro

UCM reference: Economics for a Sustainable Environment


Sustainable Forest Management.

Biodiversity indicators in forest inventory and management.

Theory and Applications of Multiple Criteria Decision Making.

Group Decision-Making: Theory and Environmental applications.

Forest landscape planning.

Management and pathology of urban forests, parks, gardens and riparian forests.

Economics of Wood-based industries.

Forest and Environmental valuation.

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