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Dinámica y evolución del Cinturón Varisco europeo

Líneas de investigación

Main research lines

  • Dynamics and evolution of the European Variscan Belt
    Objetives: Our group studies the paleogeography and plate dynamics during the Paleozoic in the Peri-Gondwanan realm. Specifically, we investigate the history of the European Variscan Basement, with special attention to its lithological constitution, structure and distribution, tectonothermal evolution, geochemistry of the igneous series and provenance of detrital sequences, as well as the geochronology of key metamorphic events and protoliths.
    Methodologies: Geological mapping. Petrography. Isotope geochemistry. Geochronology. Modelling phase equilibria. Structural analysis.



Jacobo Abati Gómez

UCM reference: 910129


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