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Free Radicals and Aging

Dpto. Fisiología Animal II
Facultad de Ciencias Biológicas
Universidad Complutense de Madrid


tHE MEMBERS OF OUR UCM RESEARCH GROUP HAVE worked continuously and exclusively on the role of antioxidants and oxygen derived mitochondrial free radicals on animal models from 1980 on (pioneer group in our country on this subject), as well on their relationship with aging and species longevity from 1988, an interrupted scientific research of 32 and 24 years respectively. Nowadays our research group is among the leaders ones worlwide in biogerontology, and one of the most experienced ones concerning the mitochondrial free radical theory of aging (MFRTA)

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Group imagen
Gustavo Barja de Quiroga Losada

UCM reference: 910521



Free Radicals.



ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species).

mitochondrial DNA.

Oxidative damage.

protein oxidation.

fatty acids.

caloric restriction.

methionine restriction.

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