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Free Radicals and Aging

Líneas de investigación

Main research lines

  • Mitochondrial Free Radicals, Aging and Longevity
    Objetives: To clarify the causal basic mechanisms of aging and longevity of the different animal species
    Methodologies: dietary restriction. methionine dietary restriction. comparisons between different animal species. in vitro studies in functional isolated mitochondria. High perfomance liquid chromatography. Mass spectrometry. Clark electrode (polarography) respirometry in isolated mitochondria. Fluorometry. Western blot. Confocal and fluorescence microscopy. Gas chromatography. Amino acid analyses. Differential and gradient centrifugation. Eespectrofotometry.


Group imagen
Gustavo Barja de Quiroga Losada

UCM reference: 910521



Free Radicals.



ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species).

mitochondrial DNA.

Oxidative damage.

protein oxidation.

fatty acids.

caloric restriction.

methionine restriction.

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