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Museum I+D+C, Laboratory for the Digital Culture and Hypermedia Museography

Facultad de Ciencias de la Información
Universidad Complutense de Madrid


Museum I+D+C, Laboratory for the Digital Culture and Hypermedia Museography, is formed by professors and researchers from the School for Communications & Information Sciences, Complutense University in Madrid, supported by experts from the museums arena and from other universities. The Group Museum I+D+C develops research projects on the fundamentals that creates the digital culture and the hypermedia museography, and cutting edge researches applied to the consultancy and creation of museums, exhibitions and hypermedia cultural projects. The research group was founded by Isidro Moreno Sánchez on 2001 as an active part of Complutecno from the UCM Foundation

  • Cultural Heritage priority lines
  • Heritage and Museums
  • Natural Heritage



Group imagen
Arturo Colorado Castellary
Isidro Moreno Sánchez

UCM reference: 941603


Digital culture, hipermedia, museum, transmedia.

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