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Paleoclimate Modeling and Analysis


Thesis and Masters


    • R. Banderas Carreño. Simulaciones de cambio climático abrupto glacial con un modelo de complejidad intermedia (2010). Directed by: M. Montoya Redondo
      PhD Thesis
    • L. Fernández Donado. Análisis comparativo de variabilidad en la circulación atmosférica en simulaciones climáticas del último milenio (2010). Directed by: J. F. González Rouco
      PhD Thesis


    • P. A. Jimenez Muñoz. Analysis of surface wind over complex terrain: a dynamical downscaling study with the WRF model (2009). Directed by: J. F. González Rouco (UCM), J. Navarro Montesinos
      PhD Thesis
    • C. Kosack. Inverse modeling of the 2005 tracer circulation test at Soultz-sous-Forêts, France (2009). Directed by: C. Clauser (RWTH Aachen University)), V. Rath (UCM)
      PhD Thesis



Group imagen
Jesus Fidel Gonzalez Rouco
Maria Luisa Montoya Redondo

UCM reference: 921407


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