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Procesos geomorfológicos, paleoambientes y suelos en la gestión ambiental de riesgos

Líneas de investigación

Main research lines

  • Analysis and Assessment of Natural Hazards and Landscape Restoration
    Objetives: To avoid the damage on society due to the activity of geological processes and for preserving the quality of the landscape
    Methodologies: Geomorphological mapping and land use. Monitoring and modelling of active geomorphic processes. Computational techniques for determining specific parameters of landforms (dynamic and geometric) and develop restoration designs. Computational techniques to calculate risk factors (hazard, vulnerability, exposure).
  • Mapping and analysis of the relief (paleolandscapes, Geoarchaeology)
    Objetives: Represent, classify and determine the origin and evolution of landforms and landscapes in relation to the natural dynamics and anthropogenic occupations.
    Methodologies: Field work: recognition, measurement and representation of geometry of landforms; study of rocks and sediments. Cabinet: identification of landforms by using photogeology techniques, remote sensing and GIS. Laboratory: chemical and mechanical analysis of materials.
  • monitoring geomorphological processes
    Objetives: To detect changes in the dynamics of surficial geological processes in connection with climate variability and human activity
    Methodologies: photogeology and remotely sensed images techniques and historical documents. instrumental measurements of physical and chemical parameters (experimental stations and plots) . Geological dating techniques (absolute and relative). Computational techniques (GIS, modeling).
  • Soil erosion/desertification control management
    Objetives: Identify and evaluate the impact of human activity on soils in Mediterranean environments
    Methodologies: Study field plots.
  • development of geomorphic indicators for the interpretation of environmental changes during the Quaternary period
    Objetives: Predict possible future evolution of some processes from the analysis of past situations
    Methodologies: Geomorphological mapping. Monitoring and modelling of active geomorphic processes.



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Guillermina GARZÓN HEYDT

UCM reference: 910391


Geomorphological processes.

Natural hazards.


soils consevation .

Ecological restoration.


Environmental education.

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