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Materials Technology and Environment

E.T.S.I. Civil
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


Our group can contribute by offering their expertise in:

- The application of analytical methods for the determination of total and extractable metal contents by ICP-AES in environmental samples.

- Performing arsenic speciation analysis by HPLC-(UV)-HG-AFS, optimized in terrestrial plants and marine algae.

- The use of recycled materials and nanoparticles in the manufacture of building materials.

- The detection of pathologies in infrastructure and rehabilitation and conservation mechanisms.

- Conducting studies and design of mitigation strategies related to constructions risks.

  • Materials for the Future priority lines
  • Structural materials

  • Global Change and New Energies priority lines
  • Sustainable Technology and New Energies



Group imagen
María Angeles Quijano Nieto





Metal Analysis.

Building materials.

Data science.

Construction risks.


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