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Monitoring of exo-endocytosis processes in live neuronal cells

Ganador en la categoría del clúster Agri-Food & Health cluster category

Author: José Jorge Ramírez Franco

Research group: Neurotransmisión y Neuromodulación en SNC y SNP

Departament: Bioquímica y Biología Molecular IV

Centre: Facultad de Veterinaria (UCM)

Description: Using a modified version of the vesicular glutamte transporter 1 tagged with GFP, we are able to monitorize vesicular fussion/fission events taking advantage of the parallel changes in pH that take place in the lumen of synaptic vesicles during that processes. Stimulation was performed by perfussion of Kcl 50mM and the maximal signal was obtained by perfussing NH4Cl 50mM (leading to the alkalinization of the vesicular lumen in the absence of exocytosis). This technique allows us to finely determine the number of vesicles involved in exocytotic processes in live neurons in response to stimulation.

Source: Campus Moncloa Outreach Awards

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