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History of the Earth and Life at the Alfonso XIII Royal Botanical Gardens

A “bio-geological clock” has been recently installed at the main roundabout of the Alfonso XIII Royal Botanical Gardens.


A “bio-geological clock” has been recently installed at the main roundabout of the Alfonso XIII Royal Botanical Gardens. This clock shows the periods in which geologists divide the time passing and the history of our planet. This project is an initiative of the Moncloa Campus that aims to provide an attractive proposal for visitants interested in the biodiversity of the Campus.

The installation of the clock consists of explanatory graphics of the events occurred since then: explosions of life, massive extinctions, appearance (and disappearance) of groups of living things. Also, the installation has reproductions made of resin of ancient life and fossils.

This project was specially designed for people with visual impairments thanks to the text on Braille and the design of resin models that allow the touch of the work. In the near future, these installations will be complemented with QR codes that will provide audio information in Spanish and English by emitting additional information through Internet.

This work is an open-air typhlological museum at a botanical garden mainly focused on research and teaching.

This project was developed thanks to the collaboration of professors of the faculties of Biological and Geological Sciences who are responsible for the scientific content and the design. Also, professors and collaborators of the Faculty of Fine Arts have developed models and reproductions.

This initiative was developed within the activities promoted by the Moncloa Campus for dissemination of science and to link the university activity with society in collaboration with the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT). The project received a grant from the Call for Promotion of Scientific Culture and Innovation.

The “bio-geological clock” is accessible, comfortable and safe for school visits. Also, it is a perfect place for contemplation and amusement of the general public. This place aims to show the scientific world to people and to contribute to a better understanding.

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