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Influence of the matrix composition in compound materials type Cermet of Fe matrix with TiCN reinforcing

CIE-UPM Seminar


Title: Influence of the matrix composition in compound materials type Cermet of Fe matrix with TiCN reinforcing

Date: 18th Monday, February at 09:30

Place: E.T.S. Civil Engineering, basement 1

Speaker: Paula Alvaredo Olmoos

Free admission


The most used materials in terms of cutting tools in the last years are the cemented carbides, WC-Co. However, because of their high price and their toxicity there is current interest to search for alternatives options to its use. The cermets base TiCN can be a competitive option due to it superiority in properties such as its hardness, and wear resistance and oxidation. Nonetheless, the metals traditionally used as a matrix are Ni and Co, which present the same troubles in terms of costs and toxicity.

We propose the Fe as an alternative metal matrix in cermets base TiCN due to its less toxicity and price than the traditional matrix apart from its capability of being hardened by thermal treatment. However, the Fe/TiCN system presents a low wettability during liquid phase sintering what make harder its process but it can be enhanced by adding alloying elements or components such as Cr, Mo2C or WC.

This research focused on the influence of alloying elements of the matrix on the wettability between Fe matrix and the TiCN reinforcing. Besides, they also studied the influence of carbon content in the sinterability of these Cermets. Microstructural changes were observed in connection with the present carbon content which is shown in the values of hardness and toughness of the parts.

To carry out the study of microstructure, the phase diagrams were calculated by using the Thermocalc software. In addition, researchers conducted the thermal analysis of the studied compositions.

Further information and contact details:
Dr. José Ygnacio Pastor, Organizer and Coordinator Scientific
Department of Material Science. Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
E.T.S. Civil Engineering, First Floor. Profesor Aranguren Road, E28040–Madrid
T. (+34) 913 366 684. F. (+34) 913 366 680. jypastor@mater.upm.es

Tag: Materials for the Future    Source: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

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