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The Analysis role of Life Cycle on Science and Engineering of Materials

International Seminars of Frontiers in Materials Science UPM-CIE Moncloa


Title: The Analysis role of Life Cycle on Science and Engineering of Materials

Date: Monday 14th of October at 09:30

Place: E.T.S. Civil Engineering, basement 1

Speaker: Diego Ruíz Amador

Free admission


In the recent years, we have seen a change in the fight to reduce environmental impacts derived of human activities. Products interact with the environment since they are extracted from raw materials for their manufacturing until they end up in a landfill or are send for recycling. This new approach of impacts in product life cycle means an expansion of temporal and geographical boundaries that were traditionally related to production centres.

The Life Cycle Analysis is a tool that allows us to systematize and objectify environmental information on productive processes under this new approach taking into account the decision making during optimization processes and their design. The European Union promotes their use actively since it is considered the best tool to assess sustainability. In fact, this analysis has already been incorporated in decision-making.

Science and engineering of materials also support this approach. It is considered a priority the inclusion of the LCA in the earliest stages of the development of new materials and the evaluation of those already developed.

The seminar will address the basics of LCA as well as its incorporation to the material science.

Dr. José Ygnacio Pastor, Organizer and Coordinator Scientific
Department of Material Science. Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
E.T.S. Civil Engineering, First Floor. Profesor Aranguren Road, E28040–Madrid
T. (+34) 913 366 684. F. (+34) 913 366 680. jypastor@mater.upm.es

Tag: Materials for the Future    Source: CEI Campus Moncloa

Event date:

14/10/2013 - 14/10/2013

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