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The C-A-H gels made in pastes of Alkali-Activated Slag Cements structured and influence on the properties and durability of the elements

International Seminars of Frontiers in Materials Science UPM-CIE Moncloa


Date: Monday 25th of February at 09:30

Place: E.T.S. Civil Engineering, First Floor

Speaker: Francisca Puertas

Free admission


The development of alternative cement to traditional Portland cement produced by more ecoefficient process (reduction of energetic consume and CO2 emissions) are on agenda of climate change and innovation. Alkaline cements and concretes are a real alternative to traditional concretes.

Futher information and contact details:

Dr. José Ygnacio Pastor, Organizer and Coordinator Scientific

Department of Material Science. Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

E.T.S. Civil Engineering, First Floor. Profesor Aranguren Road, E28040–Madrid

T. (+34) 913 366 684. F. (+34) 913 366 680. jypastor@mater.upm.es

Tag: Materials for the Future    Source: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Event date:

25/02/2013 - 25/02/2013

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