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Innovation Meeting of the Campus Moncloa

June 13th, 2012

The Innovation Meeting of the Campus Moncloa, which are entitled "Excellence, a company of the future", will be the forum, where the Campus Moncloa will present the abilities, solutions and next generation services in R & D & I subject to offer companies and technology of R & D, at the same time that they show an updated view of the technological challenges and needs that characterize their area of activity. Ultimately, the goal of the Meetings is to constitute the dialogue forum of the pillars of the R & D in Spain.

Each cluster will organize specialized sessions in each of its themes with the aim of strengthening existing partnerships and seeks new synergies between different research groups from universities, institutions and the corporate sector added to the Community of Madrid.

The conference, which will be attended by Carmen Vela, Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, will be held at the Faculty of Medicine (UCM), on Wednesday 13 June.

Program (Spanish text)

  • Global Change and New Energies presentations
Presentación de la sesión - Francisco Javier Elorza & José Fernández (coordinators)
Innovación en Tecnologías Medioambientales y Nuevas Energías - J. Manuel Perlado, Carlos Hidaldgo & Kieran McCarthy
Observación del Sistema Tierra y del Espacio - Jesús Gallego & José Fernández
Estudio y Conservación de la Biodiversidad - José Luis Tellería & Jesús María Ortiz

  • Materials for the Future presentations
Presentación de la sesión - José González & Jaime C. Gálvez (coordinators)
Nanomateriales funcionales - Santiago Álvarez
Innovación en hospitales - Manuel Ramírez

  • Agri-Food and Health presentations
Presentación de la sesión - Margarita Ruiz & Lucas Domínguez (coordinators)
Presentación de - Antonio Vallejo
Higiene y tecnología de los alimentos - María Teresa García
Grupo SIRO - Jonás Mojica

  • i-Health presentations
Presentación de la sesión - Ignacio Lizasoain & María Teresa Arredondo (coordinators)
Presentación de la Facultad de Medicina - Francisco Pérez-Vizcaíno

  • Heritage presentations
Presentación de la sesión - Beatriz Blasco & Juan Miguel Hernández (coordinators)
Proyecto RED PHI - Rafael Guridi & Cristina Tartas
Proyecto Mapping Moncloa - María José Muñoz, Javier Ortega & Juan Carlos García
Proyecto FabLab - Almudena Ribot
Red LabPat - Margarita San Andrés
Red LabPat - Rafael Fort
AIPA Laboratorios - Juan Monjo

  • Sustainable mobility presentation
Presentación de la sesión - Francisco Aparicio (coordinator)

Linking held:

Faculty of Medicine (UCM)
Plaza de Ramón y Cajal
Ciudad Universitaria
28040 Madrid

Metro   Underground: L6, Ciudad Universitaria

Autobus   Bus: Line G, I, U, 82, 132

Parking   Parking: Plaza Ramón y Cajal


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