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Desarrollo Tecnológico, Exclusión Sociocultural y Educación

Líneas de investigación

Main research lines

  • Social and cultural inequalities and the digital divide.
    Objetives: The study of social inequalities in educational institutions that we started in the 1980s are specifying it in the analysis of functions that have the TIC´s division and exclusion of certain sections of the population in technologically developed countries, as well as the possibility that have these technological products to close that gap by social change and personal and cultural development of the concerned humans.
    Methodologies: Ethnographic..
  • Audiovisual narratives, participation and intercultural relations in education.
    Objetives: Investigate the nature of relations among various ethnically with the educational institution families, promoted by biografico-culturales narratives audiovisual and group initiated and supported in the classroom and continued in their family and social contexts. Improve life in the current democratic societies developed technologically, by promoting relations between families inmigrantes-escuela - community and, as a result, contributing to the life of these groups is more relevant and valuable in their new countries of residence and work.
    Methodologies: Ethnographic..



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Antonio Bautista García-Vera

UCM reference: 941445


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