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Onomastics and deonomastics: 1. Study of the Spanish onomastic systems. 2. Study of the Spanish deonomastic vocabulary

Facultad de Filología
Universidad Complutense de Madrid


Within the field of study of our own cultural patrimony, this research group is intended to investigate on the onomastic shift. To this aim, it has a corpus of representative names belonging to diverse cultural traditions that have nourished and enhanced our patrimony, while revealing complex situations of plurilingualism. Taking as a starting point the etymology and spread of the proper name as a cultural phenomenon, special attention will be paid to the demographic movements that occurred in Spain and those that were initiated abroad. The work carried out until now not only provides information about onomastic traditions, but also adds data concerning the changing trends in the Hispanic anthroponymy as a result of language contact. From this perspective, we will be able to look into the cultures that most effectively have contributed to the enrichment of our patrimony. In this respect, and in an attempt to interpret statistics, the variables of age, sex and place of birth of the people with identical names must be taken into account. Undoubtedly, the indissoluble link between language and culture is confirmed by the history of the proper names.

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Consuelo García Gallarín

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