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Onomastics and deonomastics: 1. Study of the Spanish onomastic systems. 2. Study of the Spanish deonomastic vocabulary

Líneas de investigación

Main research lines

  • Anthroponymy and contact languages
    Objetives: -Etymological study of personal proper names. -The question of the anthroponymic borrowing. -Anthroponymic routes
  • Deonomastics: encyclopedic knowledge and contact languages
    Objetives: -Encyclopedic knowledge and prototype creation -Scientific knowledge and the creation of deonomastic nomenclatures -Comparative deonomastics
  • Onomastic corpus in Spain and Latin America. Onomastic document
    Objetives: -Treatment of onomastic data -Statistical analysis of onomastic data
  • Literary anthroponymy
    Objetivos: Estudio de la influencia de la literatura en el cambio de tendencia onomástica


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Consuelo García Gallarín

UCM reference: 930277



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