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Science Outreach Awards

Technological Planet (Javier Olea Ariza). Award for scientific photography category of Global Change and New Energies Cluster
A window to watch the future (Javier Olea Ariza). Award for scientific photography category of Materials for the Future cluster
The sunflowers (Jessica Gil Serna). Award for scientific photography category of Agri-Food & Health cluster.

Cartography of a zebrafish embryo (Miguel Luengo Oroz). Award for scientific photography category of i-Health cluster.
The Monastery Ad Deir (Miguel Gomez Heras). Award scientific photography category of Heritage cluster
Colonizing new worlds (Eva Mª Rivas Fernández). Agri-Food & Health

Nano-waffle for molecular recognition (Victor Canalejas Tejero). Materials for the Future
Neuronal precursor's radial migration in the brain (Javier Díaz Alonso). iHealth
The secrets hidden deep in our walls (Daniel Alonso Domínguez). Materials for the Future

Should I stay or should I go? Granule cells migration (Salvatore Incontro). Agri-Food & Health
The fate of the brain lit (María Isabel Cuartero Desviat). iHealth
Anisakis: Do you dare to know? (Ana Vicente Montaña). Agri-Food & Health

Rivers of life (Ana Moraga Yébenes). iHealth
The cerebellum in color (Carmen Rodríguez Cueto). iHealth
Study of the stability of contemporary paintings by transfers (Silvia García Fernández-Villa). Heritage

Actina, chaos order (José Jorge Ramírez Franco). Agri-Food & Health

  • 22/05/2012
  • Photographs submitted to the CEI Campus Moncloa Science Outreach awards 2012
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