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Semiconductores III-V


Books and Inbooks

  • C. Algora and I. Rey-Stolle, "The interest and potential of ultra-high concentration," in Next Generation of Photovoltaics: New concepts, A. B. Cristóbal, A. Martí, and A. Luque Eds.; Springer Verlag, Chapter 2, pp. 23-60. (Inbook)
    Year: 2012       ISBN: 978-3642233685
  • N. Nuñez, J. R. González, M. Vázquez, C. Algora, and I. Rey-Stolle, Reliability evaluation of III-V concentrator solar cells. Boca Raton: Crc Press-Taylor & Francis Group, pp. 1949-1953 (Inbook)
    Year: 2009       ISBN: 978-0-415-48513-5



Group imagen
Carlos Algora del Valle


Solar cell.

III-V Semiconductors.


Materials characterization.

Device modelling.

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