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Valoración nutricional de individuos y colectivos. Metodología y aplicaciones

Equipos e instalaciones

Equipment and facilities

  • Electronic scales for weighed of food
  • Scales BEURER, SECA 761
  • HPLC Forming pump of gradient bumb MERCK HITACHI L-7100
  • HPLC Detector of Fluorescence MERCK HITACHI L-7485
  • HPLC Detector of Fluorescence MERCK HITACHI 1050
  • HPLC Detector Uv-vis VARIAN 9050
  • Ion selectives electrodes to potassium and sodium METROHM
  • Fluorescence Espectrophotometer PERKIN ELMER MPF2A
  • Fluorescence.Espectrophotometer Fluoromax 4 HORIBA
  • Espectrophotometer UV-Vis KONTRON UVIKON
  • Disassembled Estadiómetros SECA
  • Lipogauge HOLTAIN
  • Meter of bioimpedancia to determine the percentage of corporal fat
  • Meter of consumption of oxygen SANRO max
  • Computers
  • Programmes DIAL for tabulation of diets
  • Programs RSIGMA, SPSS for tabulation of results
  • automatyzed sphygmomanometer
  • Centrifugal fast analyzer KONTRON, CENTRIKON T-1075
  • Ultrafrozen –80ºC THERFORMA



Group imagen
Rosa María Ortega Anta

UCM reference: 920030


Nutritional status.

dietary surveys.

biochemical parameters.


eating/foos habits.



instrumental techniques.

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