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Sustainable mobility

The Sustainable Mobility Cluster try to establish ways of research that nowadays point at the development of an advanced transport system, ecological, safe and accessible. For this, Moncloa Campus has significant resources and research groups in most areas of transport, different ways of transport, as well as, their integration into the transportation system, its effectiveness, socioeconomic and environmental impact, telecommunications and other. Also, in the long career of member of the Campus universities have collaboration agreements with all relevant companies business infrastructure, vehicles and services, energy and transport technologies.

Priority lines

  • Electromobility: Models and Technologies
  • Mobility: analysis and Modeling
  • Information Systems and Communication in the Transport
  • Intermodality: Models and Technology


Mobility Observatory (Spanish text)


Acrónimo Nombre Filiación ppal
AOCG Grupo de Óptica Aplicada UCM
CEDINT Centro de Domótica Integral UPM
CEHINAV Canal de Ensayos Hidrodinámicos de la E.T.S.I. Navales UPM
CIBERSOMOSAGUAS Grupo de investigación de la Cibercultura y los Movimientos Sociales UCM
CITEF Centro de Investigación en Tecnologías Ferroviarias UPM
GELEO Generación Eléctrica con Energia Eólica UPM
INSIA Instituto Universitario de Investigación del Automóvil UPM
ISCAR Ingeniería de Sistemas Control, Automatización y Robótica UCM
tGIS Transport, Infrastructure & Territory UCM
208 Teorías Efectivas en Física Moderna UCM
209 Ecología evolutiva vegetal y restauración ecológica UCM
558 Centro de Electrónica Industrial UPM
561 Centro de Investigación del Transporte UPM
563 Grupo de Aplicación de Telecomunicaciones Visuales UPM
564 Instituto de Magnetismo Aplicado UCM
566 Grupo de Investigación en Ingeniería Marítima y Portuaria UPM
567 Transporte Aéreo UPM

Total: 18


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