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Nutrición y Salud Gastrointestinal

Equipos e instalaciones

Equipment and facilities

  • 2 independent Web Servers
  • Computerized classroom, equipped with common service equipment and updated databases for nutritional analysis
  • Amino acid autoanalyzer
  • Animal facility equipment to develop controlled biological experiments with rat / mouse
  • Animal housing facilities for breeding birds
  • Full equipment for field evaluation of body composition (anthropometric) of populations (traditional material and high-resolution photographic analysis). Self-developed special software for epidemiological analysis of body composition variables, sociometric and lifestyles.
  • Equipment for in vitro colonic fermentation (developed in this group)
  • Computerized equipment for nutritional analysis of diets.
  • Equipment for histological processing of samples. Freezing microtome and paraffin and optical microscopes
  • Gas chromatographic equipment.
  • Equipment spectrophotometry UV / Vis and fluorimetry.
  • HPLC equipment with various detection systems.
  • General laboratory equipment, bains-marie, stirring plates, containers, spectrophotometer, etc.), specifically for: analysis of nutrients, dietary fiber, nondigestible components, bioactive compounds, antioxidant capacity, bacterial enzyme activities, assessment of physiological properties: index glucose, glucose-holding capacity, etc.
  • General equipment located at the Institute of Science and Technology of Food and Nutrition (ICTAN), CSIC. These equipment can be used by personnel of this group through the UCM Unit Research Associate / CSIC Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Health.
  • Equipment for evaluation of antioxidant activity and biomarkers of oxidative stress.
  • Equipment for the separation of components digestible and non-digestible food endowed with a system for incubation and a temperature-controlled dialysis system, developed in this group)
  • System of high resolution optical microscopy
  • Digital image analyzer
  • Software developed in this group
  • General and specific software. Operative Systems Windows 98 SE, Windows NT Server, Windows XP, Windows 2000 Server. Office XP. Visual Basic 6.0. Statgraphics 5.1 plus. SPSS 11.0. Mathematica 4.0.



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Isabel Goñi Cambrodón

UCM reference: 950574


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