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Bioquímica y Seguridad de Alimentos Vegetales

Publicaciones científicas

Scientific publications

Year Total IF average Q moda Internacionalization Agregation
2018 - - - - -
2017 - - - - -
2016 - - - - -
2015 - - - - -
2014 - - - - -
2013 2 2.032 Q1 50% -
2012 3 3.605 Q1 66.67% -
2011 3 1.788 Q1 - -
2010 1 3.308 Q1 - -
2009 1 3.308 Q1 - -
Total 10 2.808 Q1 23.33% -

Principal categories: Allergy
Food Science & Technology
Agriculture, Multidisciplinary

Scientific publications linked to the cluster


  • Iniesto E., Jimenez A., Prieto N., Cabanillas B., Burbano C., Pedrosa M.M., Rodriguez J., Muzquiz M., Crespo J.F., Cuadrado C., Linacero R. Real time PCR to detect hazelnut allergen coding sequences in processed foods. Food Chemistry 138, 1976-1981. 2013
    Category: Allergy       Quartile: 1º
    Impact factor: 3.334         Version PDF
  • Takács K, Guilamón E, Pedrosa MM, Cuadrado C, Burbano C, Muzquiz M, Haddad J, Allaf K, Polgár M, Gelencsér E. Título: Study of the effect of instant controlled pressure drop (DIC) treatment on IgE-reactive protein patterns by electrophoresis and immunoblot. Food and Agricultural Immunology 2013. DOI: 10.1080/09540105.2012.759539 Lugar de publicación:
    Category: Allergy       Quartile: 3º
    Impact factor: 0.730         Version PDF


  • Pedrosa M.M., Cuadrado C., Burbano C.,Allaf K., Haddad J., Gelencser E., Takacs K., Guillamón E., Muzquiz M. Effect of Instant Controlled Pressure Drop on the oligosaccharides, inositol phosphates, trypsin inhibitors and lectins content of different legumes. Food Chemistry Doi:10.1016/j.foodchem.2011.09.061. 131: 862-868
    Category: Food Science & Technology       Quartile: 1º
    Impact factor: 3.334         Version PDF
  • Cabanillas B., Maleki S.J., Rodriguez J., Burbano C., Muzquiz M.,.Jimenez M.A., Pedrosa M.M., Cuadrado C., Crespo J.F. Heat and pressure treatments effects on peanut allergenicity. Food Chemistry DOI: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2011.10.099. 132, 360-366 2012.
    Category: Allergy       Quartile: 1º
    Impact factor: 3.334         Version PDF
  • Muzquiz, M., Varela, A., Burbano, C., Cuadrado, C., Guillamón, E., Pedrosa, MM. Bioactive compounds in legumes: pronutritive and antinutritive actions. Implications for nutrition and health. Phytochemistry Review. Aceptado Mayo 2012. DOI: 19. 1007/s11101-012-9233-9. 11, 227-244. 2012
    Category: Food Science & Technology       Quartile: 1º
    Impact factor: 4.147


  • Goyoaga, C, Burbano, C., Cuadrado, C., Romero, C., Guillamón, E., Varela, A., Pedrosa, M.M., Muzquiz, M. 2010. Content and distribution of protein, sugars and inositol phosphates during the germination and seedling growth of two cultivars of Vicia faba L. Journal Food Composition and Analysis
    Category: Food Science & Technology       Quartile: 1º
    Impact factor: 2.457         Version PDF
  • Muzquiz M., Guillamón E., Burbano C., Pascual H., Cabellos B., Cuadrado C., Pedrosa MM. Chemical composition of a new Lupinus species found in Spain. Lupinus mariae-josephi H. Pascual (Fabaceae). Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research. 9(4),1233-1244 2011.
    Category: Agriculture, Multidisciplinary       Quartile: 2º
    Impact factor: 0.659         Version PDF
  • Cuadrado C., Cabanillas B., Pedrosa M.M., Muzquiz M., Haddad J., Allaf K., Rodriguez J., Crespo J. F., Burbano C. Effect of Instant Controlled Pressure Drop on IgE Antibody Reactivity to Peanut, Lentil, Chickpea and Soybean Proteins. International Archives of Allergy and Immunology 156, 397-404. 2011
    Category: Allergy       Quartile: 1º
    Impact factor: 2.248         Version PDF


  • Guillamón, E., Rodríguez, J., Burbano, C., Muzquiz, M., Pedrosa, M.M., Cabanillas, B., Crespo, J.F., Sancho, A.I., Mills, E.N.C., Cuadrado, C. 2010.Charactarization of lupin major allergens (Lupinus albus L.) Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, 54, 1668- 1676.
    Category: Allergy       Quartile: 1º
    Impact factor: 3.308


  • Cuadrado, C., Cabanillas, B., Pedrosa, M.M., Varela, A., Guillamón, E., Muzquiz, M., Crespo, J., Rodriguez, J., Burbano, C. 2009. Influence of thermal processing on IgE reactivity to lentil and chickpea proteins. Molecular Nutrition and Food Research 53, 1462-1468,
    Category: Allergy       Quartile: 1º
    Impact factor: 3.308         Version PDF


Group imagen
Mercedes Muzquiz Elorrieta


plant foods.

bioactive compounds.

food allergens.

nutritional quality.

technological processes.

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