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Nutrición y Salud Gastrointestinal

Líneas de investigación

Main research lines

  • Desarrollo de nuevos ingredientes alimentarios ricos en fibra dietética y antioxidantes naturales para
    Objetives: Study of agri-food products from vegetable food processing industries. Quantification of dietary fiber and bioactive compounds. Evaluation of the nutritional properties and effects on body functions, for potential use as functional food ingredients.
    Methodologies: Development of in vitro methodologies for the assessment of physiological properties. Digestion, intestinal bioavailability and colonic fermentation.
  • Bioavailability of bioactive compounds
    Objetives: Analysis of bioactive compounds in plant materials. Study of intestinal bioaccessibility in small intestine and large intestine.
    Methodologies: Simulation intestinal of digestion in small intestine and colonic fermentation in the large intestine. Designed and tested methods in this group..
  • iber and associated bioactive compounds: Effects on oxidative stress, cellular health and population of intestinal bacteria
    Objetives: Study of effects of plant materials rich in fiber and bioactive compounds on the health of colon cells and microbiota.
    Methodologies: In vbitro colonic fermentation. microbiological analysis; study of systems Quorun sensing..
  • Assessment of nutritional status of individuals and groups (dietary and biometric methods).
    Objetives: Nutritional assessment of materials, food ingredients, food, recipes and diets. Study of effect of processing on utilization of nutrients by the body. Estimation of healthy food servings. Analysis of body composition by biometric techniques. Image analysis.
    Methodologies: Dietary questionnaires. Surveys recall 24 h, frequency of consumption and consumption for longer periods. Anthropometric techniques. Computer graphics..


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