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Alimentos de origen vegetal: procesado, calidad e ingredientes funcionales


Books and Inbooks

  • INMACULADA MATEOS-APARICIO CEDIEL; ARACELI REDONDO CUENCA; MARIA DOLORES TENORIO SANZ. Soybean: Overview of the Nutritional Profile and the Implications for Nutrition and Health Effects. In: Satou H. & Nakamura R. (Eds.) Legumes: Types, Nutritional Composition and Health Benefits NOVA PUBLISHERS INC. NY, USA (2013) (Inbook)
    Year: 2013       ISBN: 978-1-62808-280-7
  • Inmaculada Mateos-Aparicio, Araceli Redondo-Cuenca, M. José Villanueva. Dietary Fiber from the Food Industry By-Products. In: Betancur-Ancona D., Chel-Guerrero, L. & Segura-Campos, M.R. Dietary Fiber: Sources, Properties and their Relationship to Health. Nova Publishers Inc., NY, USA, 2013 (Inbook)
    Year: 2013       ISBN: 978-1-62808-931-8
  • Inmaculada Mateos-Aparicio. In: Escobedo H.J. & Madrigal S.M. (eds.) Agriculture and Food Science Researcher Biographical Sketches and Research Summaries (Inbook)
    Year: 2013       ISBN: 978-1-62100-934-4
  • Inmaculada Mateos-Aparicio, Eva Gómez-Ordóñez, Alejandro Delgado-Bel, Mónica Morcillo, Víctor Andrés, Araceli Redondo-Cuenca, Mª José Villanueva, Mª Dolores Tenorio, Antonio Jiménez-Escrig and Pilar Rupérez. Brown Seaweeds as a Source of Functional Ingredients. In vivo Assays in Wistar Rats. In: Martirosyan D.M., Pasinetti G. &Marotta F. (eds.) Bioactive Compounds and Functional Foods in Health and Disease Vol. 10. Food Science Publishers, Denton, TX, USA (2012) (Inbook)
    Year: 2012       ISBN: 978-1470128425
  • Mateos-Aparicio, I. Beans by-products, potential sources for functional ingredients. In: Popescu E. & Golubev I. (eds.) Beans: Nutrition, Consumption and Health. Nova Publishers Inc., NY, USA (2012) (Inbook)
    Year: 2012       ISBN: 978-1-62100-042-6
  • INMACULADA MATEOS-APARICIO CEDIEL. Aprovechamiento de subproductos de leguminosas para la obtención de ingredientes funcionales. Comparación de metodologías para la caracterización de la fibra alimentaria.Colección Digital de Tesis de la UCM, Madrid, Spain
    Year: 2009       ISBN: 978-84-692-0124-4


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